Silver and Silver Pads

Silver and Silver Pads

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Silver pads come in a cute little silver, or black container. This product comes with 12 thick pads, Soaked in Colloidal Silver, with Hemp seed oil and Tea tree. It’s convenient to carry in your purse, pocket, or to carry with you anywhere. The container keeps the pads moist, safe and fresh. These pads can be used for makeup remover, control excess oil, and cleanse dirt on your skin throughout the day, and free of sweat. Great for controlling acne, itchy and irritated skin. Your face will stay clean and fresh all day long. It’s  a great face shine, but feels wonderful on the entire body! These pads can be used anywhere on your body, Great for fighting foot fungus, or any bacteria on the skin where needed. You will not be disappointed with the results you will get!!! Use it after work, after exercise, or just to freshen up, it's even great for the scalp.

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