Immune Booster Shots
Immune Booster Shots
Immune Booster Shots
Immune Booster Shots

Immune Booster Shots

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Hebrew Care Immune Booster Shots, The Clean N’ Lawful Alternative!

Been ducking the plandemics, Been ducking the social gimmicks, and have been leaning on the power of the Almighty. If you’re like us then you don’t care about the latest news on approval of their booster shots and MRNA technology. Instead we only seek the approval of TMH! He is our shield and protection. We are blessed to have natural alternatives made through the grace of our Abba that have kept us healthy, happy, and content in these days. We are happy to share it with you.


Hebrew Care Immune Booster Shot Colloidal Silver 2 Oz.

Our family has enjoyed using colloidal silver for years and it’s often our go to if we ever feel that little tickle in our throats. Colloidal Silver can be used by drinking or topically and cannot be over used. When used responsibly you will see the fast results of  colloidal silver. Colloidal Silver is a mineral that has been used for years for it’s anti-microbial benefits being anti-fungal, anti, bacterial, and anti-viral.

Drink 4-5 droppers 5 times daily. Use 2-3 drops in your eyes and nose. 

Hebrew Care Immune Booster Shot Raw Farm Raised Honey 2 Oz.

Honey is packed with natural enzymes, nutrients, and antioxidants that can give you the extra boost you need to keep you going and your immune system up. We use honey nearly everyday for it’s taste and versatility in the kitchen. Our honey is famed raised in our garden to your table.

Drink a spoonful or add a few spoonfuls to your tea!

Hebrew Care Immune Booster Shot Extra Strength Elderberry Syrup 2 Oz.


Elderberry is packed with vitamins and antioxidants and is know to be a powerful booster for your immune system. Our Elderberry tea is extra special because we addother herbs and essential oils that are equally powerful as elderberry.

Drink 4-5 droppers 5 times daily or add to your tea.

Hebrew Care Easy Breathe Candle:

We wanted to add something cool to your kit that can help break up mucus using aroma therapy. Packed with eucalyptus, menthol, and peppermint.


Try Some Chariot Tea with Elderberry Syrup or Farm Raised Raw Honey!

Chariot Tea
Yerba Mate
Hibiscus Flower Tea


Hebrew Care Immune Booster Shot with Chariot Tea 3.2 Oz.

Welcome our new Chariot Tea to the family! This one will get you up and out to work while boosting your immune system. Hibiscus and Yerba Mate are packed with Antioxidants.

Yerba Mate:

Beneath the rainforest canopy in South America, the Guarani Indians have been drinking the steeped juice of the leaves of the wild yerba tree-bush for centuries. They cite numerous health benefits, including increased immune system strength, improved digestion, stress reduction, and stimulation of mental processes. Has better health benefits than green tea.

Hibiscus Flower:

Hibiscus is a flowering plant from the mallow family, found in tropical climates around the world. The flower, and sometimes its leaves, are dried out to use for tea. People have been drinking hibiscus tea for centuries for its beneficial properties.When steeped, the water becomes a beautiful, rich, deep red and has a refreshing, tart flavour. 



Steap tea in hot water tor 5-10 mins to bring out the best benefits. Do not use boiling hot water. Yerba Mate has more caffeine than tea but a bit less than coffee so best drink during the day . This drink is usually served without a sweetener but if you’re looking for an extra immune boost mix with a few drops of Hebrew Care Extra Strength Elderberry Syrup or a few spoonfuls of honey.




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Immune Booster Shots
Immune Booster Shots