100% Pure Raw Honey Summer Wild Flower! Hebrew Care King's Royal Honey

100% Pure Raw Honey our premium summer wild flower line Treatment Free! By now most people know the many health benefits of 100% Raw Honey, but some health benefits to name a few are it's ability to treat asthma, allergies, skin irritations, acne, viral infections, hair and skin.

Let's face it who eats honey for it's health benefits? Honey is just pure goodness. The mouth watering smell of our summer wild flower honey is addictively pleasant blooming with the taste of summer! It's a dark golden color as expected this time of year. The sweet honey has a warm and smooth taste and is very rich, and savory full of floral flavors.  Our family loves honey and can't get enough of it. This morning when my husband Darrin brought in the honeycombs everyone gathered around to watch and wait for their share, and believe me it's plenty to go around. One of my favorite things to do is chew the honey filled combs like gum! Absolutely delicious! 

For your share please visit our products in the menu to place your order. 

Darrin bringing in honey filled hivesDarrin breaking Honey comb caps for extractionHoney extractor


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