My Testimony - Without Our Heavenly Father, Nothing is Possible

Without our Heavenly Father, nothing is Possible

My first brain surgery 2011
All praises to The Most High my Father who is in heaven! The Most High blessed me with great news today! I was on several medications for several years for my endocrine which was nearly inactive after having two brain surgeries. The surgeries left me with a very low functioning pituitary gland, which the doctors felt they had to cut more than half away because of the size of the tumors. The Image of me to the right was my first brain surgery in 2011.


Your pituitary is the master gland which sends hormone functions to all the other glands. My pituitary, thyroid, and adrenal had practically stopped functioning after the second surgery, so they gave me synthetic hormones...I was put on heavy steroids, birth control, synthetic drugs, and a whole list of other medications. I was on up to nineteen different drugs all at once and I wasn't getting any better. I gained nearly 80 pounds of solid weight, and soon after I suffered from diabetes and high blood pressure. As a result, my heart valve became weak and low functioning, I could hardly breath are sleep. Something had to be done! 

Fasting, and Praying

WalkingI turned to the bible for answers and through the grace of the TMH and much praying and fasting I was able to wean myself off the drugs. My little girl, Tajiana King, started doing research on herbs and herbal vitamins. We found that many plants they call weeds from the yard like Dandelion and Deadnettle were medicinal. They worked tremendously with my blood pressure along with frequent walking. My husband, Darrin Israel King, started making Colloidal Silver, and I drink that several times a day to cleans my system. A wonderful friend of mine, a sister in the truth, Salaha Ahmawahm Yasharahla, told me about some herbal teas that I added to my regimen of colloidal silver, herbal plants, fasting and praying to TMH, today I have a clean bill of health.

Miracles at Work Despite Doubt from Experts!

I went back to my endocrine doctor after a year of leaving those dangerous prescription drugs alone and he was shocked and surprised at the fact that my levels were extraordinarily better and that I lost more than 50 pounds in 2 months. He asked me what was I doing to get these levels without medication? I told him everything I was doing to be able to function without those killer meds including fasting and prayer. He began yelling at me that I was going kill myself! " You can't do that without those hormone replacements!!!" He said "do you understand you have high mortality?! Do you understand you have to take all these drugs for the rest of your life!!!? Do you understand you will be dead within 6 months or less if you don't get back on your meds?" My husband was with me. He had to calm that doctor down. My husband told him I had energy again, I felt better, and the steroids damaged my heart. That did not matter to that doctor. Needless to say, I found out everything I needed to know. I was actually getting better!

 All Praises

Back in March, I burned my hand with hot wax while making soap. I got second to third-degree burn that hospitalized me and caused my blood pressure and blood sugar shot up sky high. Of course, they wanted to put me back on meds, and again I refused. I refused a skin graft too. After being in the hospital a couple of days my blood sugar dropped down to normal but not my blood pressure, so I allowed them to give me the blood pressure drug which I weaned myself off it again.

While in the burn hospital they convinced me that I should at least get my levels checked. By this time I had been off of the many drugs related to the loss of my pituitary gland nearly three years. They ran blood work for two months, for some reason they kept saying they need to run more test without telling me the actual results.  finally, I called today and demanded to know my results. The Nurse was very abrupt with me and said: "all of your levels are normal".

All praises be unto our father who are in heaven!!!

The Most High is our only healer. There are many scriptures that talk about herbs for healing He tells us to pray for the sick. To pray without ceasing.  That's what healed me.

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