Colloidal Silver for Pets

Colloidal Silver - A Great Natural Remedy For Pets

We use Colloidal Silver for our 5 Yorkies, and the breed is known to suffer from a number of issues which can be costly when taking to the vet for treatments. However, we have never had any major health issues with our Yorkies, who are always tick and flee free and all but one of our Yorkies have very healthy teeth ( Explained later). Our Yorkies remain beautiful, strong and healthy due to a good diet, and our use of the helpful Colloidal Silver remedy!



 This little guy "Pharoah the Dog" has seen some better days. Now that he is old, 105 years old in dog years to be exact, we keep an eye on him. Sometimes he tends to get grumpy and often lets the other dogs know who's boss which usually includes some old man barks and a few assertive snippy gums filled bites since he's also toothless.

Over the years he lost most of his teeth which is normal for his breed after 10 years. We're almost sure if we've learned of colloidal silver earlier, his teeth would have lasted longer. His bark has always been bigger than his bite. In his most recent scuffle to show who's boss, his cornea was cratched really good by one of the playful pups. This lead to a nasty eye infection.


At first, we weren't sure what the deal was with his eye but after a few days, it became apparent that his eye was indeed infected, red and puss-filled, it was sad to see him trying to manage without full use of his eyes. We immediately turned to Colloidal Silver as treatment. We sprayed the treatment in his eye 2 to 3 times daily and after about a week his eye was healed.


Accidents like these are sure to lead to blindness with a dog of his age under other circumstances, but we are happy to say that we have a trusted treatment that we will continue to use for our beloved pets.

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